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  • Explosives Detection
  • Baggage Handling
  • Security Checkpoints
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    OSHA Compliance
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    Industrial Hygiene

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​​​​Adding or Upgrading Security?

When you have systems to detect

  • firearms and other weapons
  • explosives and explosive components
  • narcotics and other contraband

You'll want the people who get hired to outsmart and breach security systems on your side. That's us. 

​​​​Systems Testing is Crucial

SIDA Solutions Consultants can help.

  • design rigorous testing programs
  • oversee testing simulations
  • find the cracks and holes

We hold your installation contractors accountable for plugging every hole we find.  100% Pass or No Pass.

Have SIDA Solutions At Your Side

We represent you with relentless commitment to quality, sharp focus on your best interest, and a shared mission to keep your people safe.

Dylan Allen


Aviation industry SIDA, CBIS, BHS and EDS subject matter expert with 12+ years experience in systems integration, system design and consulting.

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